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AB 1066

Floor: 30-47-3

authors: Gonzalez, Bonta, C. Garcia, Hernández, Jones-Sawyer, McCarty, Thurmond
co-authors: Hall, Allen, Block, Chiu, Chu, Gatto, Lopez, Medina, Mitchell, Monning, M. Stone, Ting, Weber


This particular vote was a Republican play to move the bill back to the Senate and potentially kill the legislation. A ‘no’ vote meant that legislator was voting to keep the bill in the Assembly where it could be passed and sent to the Governor’s desk.


For almost 100 years, California farm workers have been treated as second-class citizens. Farm laborers grow and harvest food — often working up to 60 hours a week — that feeds nearly half of our nation. But under previous anti-immigrant laws, they were only paid overtime after ten hours of work a day. AB1066 (originally AB2757) gives farm workers fair overtime pay after eight hours of work a day. Passing AB1066 was a challenging effort, with the agriculture industry trying to kill it every step of the way. However, AB1066 was successful and is a step in the right direction, mandating fair compensation in the agricultural industry that falls in line with almost all other professions.