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Courage never stops. Help us empower Californians to demand courage from legislators. 

Courage California’s Courage Score is a critical tool in the pursuit of an equitable and just government. Over the last five years Courage Score has been made possible with the support of our longtime and online donors and members. This support aids our small team to collaborate with progressive partners, host our Courage Score website, and offer a transparent lens for voters in California. 

It is essential to our democracy that Californians have access to a reliable and transparent report card tool, so residents can hold their representatives accountable.  

Can you help support Courage Score so that we can empower ALL Californians — now and for years to come? 

At Courage California we work throughout the year on state policy, civic engagement with members and partners, corporate accountability campaigns, election cycles, and supporting a courageous pipeline of progressive candidates. We are a small, but mighty team and our annual budget averages around $2 million. The majority of our funding comes from individual members and donors with an average gift of $21 — our work is only possible with your support.

The best way to support all of Courage’s work and to ensure our impact goes beyond any specific campaign or election cycle is by investing in our mission and becoming a recurring donor through our dedicated ActBlue page. Choose a monthly amount you want to donate to Courage California, and ActBlue will take care of your electronic contributions going forward. You can update or cancel your recurring donation at any time. Recurring donations provide us with an ongoing, flexible source of funding that we can count on as we expand and increase the effectiveness of our work. If you have been an ongoing annual supporter of Courage, we encourage you to consider becoming a monthly recurring donor at the equivalent level.

Donations are unrestricted and will go to the greatest need. Courage also welcomes annual, one-time, and project-specific contributions. Please contact our development team at if you would like to make a contribution by check or designate the funding for a specific purpose.

501(c)(4) contributions are not tax deductible, but are preferable because they support the widest range of our work. If you would like to make a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible donation, you can do so through our Courage California Institute ActBlue page or by our development team at