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AB 1066

Floor: 44-32-4

authors: Gonzalez, Bonta, C. Garcia, Hernández, Jones-Sawyer, McCarty, Thurmond
co-authors: Hall, Allen, Block, Chiu, Chu, Gatto, Lopez, Medina, Mitchell, Monning, M. Stone, Ting, Weber


For almost 100 years, California farm workers have been treated as second-class citizens. Farm laborers grow and harvest food — often working up to 60 hours a week — that feeds nearly half of our nation. But under previous anti-immigrant laws, they were only paid overtime after ten hours of work a day. AB1066 (originally AB2757) gives farm workers fair overtime pay after eight hours of work a day. Passing AB1066 was a challenging effort, with the agriculture industry trying to kill it every step of the way. However, AB1066 was successful and is a step in the right direction, mandating fair compensation in the agricultural industry that falls in line with almost all other professions.