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authors: Mullin, Levine
co-authors: Allen, Berman, Dababneh, de León, Hill, Nazarian, Stern, Aguiar-Curry, Beall, Bonta, Chiu, Chu, Dodd, Friedman, Galgiani, Gloria, Grayson, Kalra, Leyva, McCarty, Muratsuchi, Newman, Portantino, Quirk-Silva, Wiener


In 2016, funders spent a record half a billion dollars on ballot measures. But it’s often not clear to voters since funders — particularly corporate funders — influence campaigns in secret. The California DISCLOSE Act (AB 249) requires funders of ballot measures and SuperPACS to be disclosed on any political ads, thus informing voters of who is really funding the ads they see. (This bill is now law.)