Name Description
AB1080 Sets goals to reduce waste from single-use packaging and products.
AB1145 Creates the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act to strengthen requirements for mandatory reporters who hold a reasonable suspicion of child abuse.
AB1185 Allows counties to establish Sheriff's Department oversight boards.
AB1947 Extends the statute of limitations to file certain workplace complaints with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.
AB196 Adds COVID-19 to the definition of injuries covered by workers’ compensation for essential workers.
AB2037 Forces hospitals to give communities more notice of closures of healthcare facilities.
AB2114 Provides a procedure for UC medical employees to challenge termination of employment.
AB2147 Allows former inmates who served on fire crews while incarcerated to pursue career in firefighting.
AB2261 Expands facial recognition technology, allowing employers and law enforcement to use without subject's consent for broadly-defined "public safety" purposes.
AB2342 Gives people on parole greater ability to reduce the length of their parole through good behavior.
AB2501 Protects homeowners and renters from foreclosure and eviction due to COVID-related circumstances.
AB2542 Prohibits racial discrimination in prosecutions and creates a process for criminal defendants to challenge racial discrimination.
AB2847 Strengthens gun laws by enhancing micro-stamping requirements for unsafe guns.
AB2999 Guarantees employees 10 days of unpaid bereavement leave.
AB3030 Sets environmental and oceanic preservation goals for the state to achieve by 2030.
AB3070 Prohibits prosecutors from striking prospective jurors from jury pools on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender and other identities.
AB3155 Allows properties zoned for multifamily use to be subdivided in a way that can demolish rent-controlled units and displace residents.
AB3214 Increases financial penalties for failing to notify state and federal agencies after discharging oil into state waters.
AB3216 Strengthens protections for workers facing COVID-related layoffs in the hospitality industries.
AB326 Allows personally owned motorized carrying devices (for groceries, etc.) to be used on city sidewalks.
AB345 Establishes a minimum distance between oil and gas production and schools, playgrounds, residences and hospitals.
AB646 Allows a person on parole to preregister to vote, register to vote, and vote.
AB664 Improves workplace rights and workers' compensation standing for some first responders and healthcare workers.
AB890 Allows nurse practitioners in California to work without physician supervision.
ACA5 Sends affirmative action to voters as a ballot measure.
SB1159 Creates a workers’ compensation presumption that COVID-19 related illness or death is an occupational injury.
SB1190 Authorizes tenants to terminate leases without penalty because they or a family member were the victim of a crime.
SB1383 Forces employers to grant employee requests for up to 12 work weeks of unpaid parental leave.
SB1399 Expands protections for garment industry workers.
SB145 Removes remnants of discriminatory anti-sodomy laws from statutory rape punishments.
SB201 Bans medically unnecessary cosmetic surgery performed on intersex children for the purpose of 'normalizing' a child's genitals.
SB315 Creates the COVID-19 Alternative Adjudication Program to allow prior charges to be dismissed for good behavior.
SB37 Sets taxes on corporations with net income of $10M+ so that those with exorbitant CEO:employee salary ratios pay more.
SB54 Requires all single-use packaging sold in California be recyclable or compostable by 2030.
SB731 Establishes a statewide process to automatically decertify law enforcement officers who are fired for specified types of misconduct.
SB956 Establishes the California Tax Expenditure Review Board as an independent advisory body.
SB973 Requires employers to file an annual equal pay report.
SB977 Expands the Attorney General’s ability to prohibit certain transactions by healthcare systems that hurt consumers by limiting competition.