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AB1177 Sets in motion the nation's first public banking option, closing a critical financial services gap in many disadvantaged communities.
AB1200 Bans toxic PFAS chemicals in paper food packaging.
AB1346 Mandates the adoption of cost-effective and technologically feasible technology to prohibit engine exhaust from certain new off-road engines.
AB1371 Prohibits online retailers from using single-use packaging, and mandates certain businesses establish at-store recycling and plastic bag reuse programs.
AB1395 Codifies California’s goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2045.
AB1550 Protects bargaining rights by allowing faculty to remain eligible for union representation if their positions are hierarchically reorganized.
AB256 Expands the Racial Justice Act to allow individuals convicted before January 1, 2021, to petition the court on instances of racial bias in their cases
AB257 Establishes a statewide, 10-member Fast Food Council through 2029 to determine minimum wages, working hours, and health and safety standards across the sector
AB26 Ensures all law enforcement agencies require officers present during an excessive use-of-force incident to intervene and report the offending officer.
AB292 Limits disruptions to rehabilitative programming in prisons by prioritizing incarcerated persons for similar programs when transferred to a new facility.
AB333 Reduces the list of crimes that can accompany gang enhancements and separates gang allegations from underlying charges at trial.
AB339 Requires city councils and county boards of supervisors of cities of a certain size to expand digital access for public meetings.
AB438 Guarantees permanent school employees and certificated employees the same rights in regard to layoffs.
AB48 Prohibits the use of injurious and life-threatening projectiles or chemical agents by law enforcement agencies when dispersing protests.
AB481 Requires law enforcement agencies to receive approval from their governing bodies before acquiring military equipment.
AB503 Minimizes the duration of a court issued probationary period for a minor to no more than 6-month increments
AB616 Enfranchises farmworkers by giving them more ways to vote in union elections.
AB701 Requires specified employers to provide distribution center employees with written performance quotas and adverse employment action that will result from failure to meet them.
AB759 Transitions District Attorney and County Sheriff elections to presidential primary years instead of gubernatorial primary years by providing the 2022 electeds with a one off 6-year term
AB838 Requires a city or county that receives a complaint of a substandard building or a lead hazard violation to inspect the building and document the violations.
AB84 Extends supplemental paid sick leave for certain essential workers.
AB889 Mandates written notice of intended closure of a grocery establishment, provision of safety net programs and local workforce training services information to each employee of the grocery establishment, and city tracking of grocery closures for potential intervention.
AB937 Repeals the requirement that the Department of Corrections identify undocumented inmates subject to deportation, prohibits state or local agencies from conducting or facilitating immigration arrests, and disallows courts from considering immigration status in probation, rehabilitation or other diversion program placement decisions
AB960 Expands the type of conditions that would qualify an incarcerated person for compassionate release and mandates that any inmate who is medically incapacitated be reviewed for release without individual recommendation from the Department of Corrections
AB990 Prohibits the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation from denying in-person contact visits as a disciplinary measure.
SB2 Prohibits someone convicted of certain felonies from regaining peace officer employment based on a court vacating, withdrawing or expunging the conviction, unless the court finds them innocent of the crime.
SB213 Broadens the range of injuries for which certain hospital workers are presumed entitled to claim Workers Compensation damages to include COVID-19, PTSD, and certain other diseases.
SB260 Increases climate accountability by requiring corporations to annually report and verify their greenhouse gas emissions
SB262 Provides that 90% of bail premiums must be returned to defendants if charges are dismissed or not filed, and ensures that defendants out on bail will not be charged for costs related to the conditions of their release like electronic monitoring devices
SB357 Repeals “loitering for purpose of prostitution” law, which results in profiling and harassment of sex workers.
SB410 Increases health and safety protections by exempting certain OSHA requirements from cumbersome regulatory review.
SB447 Allows courts to award damages for a deceased person’s non-economic damages of pain, suffering, or disfigurement to the deceased person’s estate.
SB47 Significantly raises the amount of money state oil regulators can spend to clean up old, leaky wells.
SB483 Provides resentencing hearings for anyone currently serving a sentence made up of certain (now eliminated) sentencing enhancements.
SB510 Ensures that anyone who wants a COVID-19 test or vaccine can get one without paying extra out-of-pocket costs.
SB57 Allows Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland to provide overdose prevention programs, including safe injection sites with sterile consumption supplies, trained staff, and treatment resources
SB62 Requires an hourly minimum wage for garment workers by banning piece rate pay.
SB679 Addresses homelessness and the low income housing crisis by creating the Los Angeles County Affordable Housing Solutions Agency to centralize efforts to increase funding, preservation, development, and updated zoning across the region
SB710 Requires a District Attorney or Attorney General to recuse themselves from decisions relating to potential criminal conduct by law enforcement if the official has a conflict of interest.
SB73 Stops mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent offenders of drug crimes, and replaces with paths to rehabilitation, probation and treatment.
SB731 Expands educational and work opportunities by sealing the arrest and conviction records of any person who has completed their sentence and had four years without justice involvement, with the exception of sex offenders
SB81 Provides guidelines to judges on the use of sentence enhancements, which have been disproportionately applied to people of color and those suffering from mental illness.
SB91 Temporarily extended California’s state-wide eviction protections to all covered tenants until July 1, 2021.
SB93 Requires certain employers to rehire eligible employees who were laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
SB95 Extends supplemental paid sick leave for certain essential workers.