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Would protect individuals seeking abortion or gender affirming care in California by prohibiting state governments with anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ+ laws from accessing their digital data to identify them to police. Passed by the Assembly, held in Senate Judiciary Committee.



Improves access to gender affirming healthcare by requiring insurance companies to undergo cultural competency training and provide a list of affirming in-network providers, establishing state-wide enforcible quality standards for care, and providing data and oversight for complaints about care quality



An act to add Section 2295 to the Business and Professions Code, relating to sex characteristics.



Lead Author: Wiener Summary: California law mandates that offenders who engage in consensual, yet illegal, sex with 14-17 year old be treated differently, based on whether the sex is penile-vaginal, or anal and oral intercourse. This distinction creates more significant penalties for LGBT offenders, despite having committed the same offense — resulting in disproportionate numbers … Continued



Author: Gloria Co-author: Wiener   Child welfare agencies are required to assess the health needs of all young people in foster care, and to ensure they receive appropriate and timely care to address the needs identified by qualified professionals. This bill makes clear that, to meet this obligation for transgender and gender nonconforming youth, child … Continued



author: Wiener co-authors: Gloria, Atkins, Chiu, Eggman, Gipson, Mitchell, Skinner   Several California laws target individuals living with HIV by criminalizing their sexual relationships. These laws further stigmatize individuals living with the disease and are not up-to-date with what we currently know about HIV. Enacting SB 239 eliminates one form of HIV discrimination by eliminating … Continued

AB 1732

By Courage Score

(Ting) Appropriations: 11-4-5   co-authors: Chiu, Eggman, Leno   A 2013 survey found that 70% of respondents identifying as transgender or non-conforming gender had been harassed or assaulted in public restrooms. Gender-specific restrooms leave many populations in a position where they either have to break social norms or be put in an uncomfortable and potentially … Continued