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AB 1676

Labor & Employment: 4-2-1
Floor: 47-29-4

authors: Campos, Jackson, Gonzalez
co-authors: Bonilla, Chiu, E. Garcia, C. Garcia, Liu


According to the 2014 U.S. Census, women average 79 cents of income for every dollar earned by men. Additionally, in 2015, black households had 94% less wealth than white families, while Latinos had 92% less. The California Fair Pay Act – put in place in 2015 – took a step toward fighting this disparity by requiring that women be paid as much as men for similar work. AB1676 expands on this by stating that salary history is not justification for paying women less. The bill also mandates equal pay for employees of different races or ethnicities, making this bill incredibly important for millions of people of color and their families.